Boom Films is a film, television and web production company based in Paris, France. A stone’s throw from cemetery Père Lachaise where troves of enchanted dreamers from Georges Méliès to Jim Morrison are ensconced, Boom Films hopes to concoct the correctly pixelized incantation to bring both artists together in a green-screen-street-fighter-verité showdown.

Boom Films was created by Joseph Cahill in 2009 and has produced music videos, shorts, web and television content for a range of international clients including Sony Music, Polydor, Universal Music, Arte and Canal +.

Along with its sister companies Pregnant Pictures (Prague), and Meta Films (NYC), Boom Films collaborates with a growing network of gifted seers from across this beautifully doomed planet.

Current and Past Collaborators


Joseph Cahill is a writer-director-producer from NYC and founder of Boom Films. He misses Prague, loves drawing comic books and making sculptures out of stale bread. Joseph recently wrote this new essay about his misgivings regarding the “formatting” of narrative ideas.


Thierry Vaudor is a music composer known under the alias Total Normal. He is also a graphics and motion designer, an animator and a programmer. Read our interview with Thierry about music, life and movies, here.


Marie Laplanche is a screenwriter, set-decorator, costume-maker and production coordinator. She is pursuing a psychology degree while directing her own short films.


Nils Jacobsen is a DP, gaffer, and former salesman of film equipment. He is also a heavy metal bassist.


Léa Giraud is a costume-maker and visual artist. She recently graduated from the Sorbonne for set-design and was once a championship aerobics competitor.


Mathias Maffre is an editor, DP and professor of post-production. He recently illustrated a book about editing and makes really good salad-dressing.


Benedicte Lala Ernoult is an actress and former dinosaur figurine collector in Paris. She plays “Charlotte” one of the lead roles of the feature film META, who is also a personal assistant to the apocalypse.



Sinan Oncuoglu is a DP, camera operator and drone pilot. He has been known to enjoy a white russian after a hard day’s work.


Jonathan Aize-Leyton is an actor who plays life on the edge. In addition to jumping off buildings in Brussels, he was almost eaten by a Soviet-era piece of machinery during the shoot for Meta, in which he plays Charlotte’s boyfriend, the surfer/scientist “Johnny”.


Pablo Gauchet is a set and prop builder. He went to the prestigious Paris Beaux Art school but didn’t like it and decided instead to work at Futuroscope as a French Marty McFly. He is also knows a thing or two about the bass.


Taifa Harris is an actress and a teacher in New York City. 


Bora Min is an editor and post-production technician originally from South Korea. She edited this trailer for the upcoming Boom Film documentary STAR WARS et ma Belle Mere.


Lorène Lenoir is a camera and post-production intern currently studying at EICAR in Paris. She took many of the on-set photos on this site and is also a skilled constructor of robot boots.


John Gallagher is an actor and graduate student administrator in Paris.



Wendy Nieto is an actress and dancer from Paris. She always dreamed of playing the role of Lara Croft, but, funny enough, she hates video games.



Margaux Girard is an assistant director and production assistant. She does a very good impression of an American accent.


Mathieu Bouvard is an assistant-director, filmmaker and director of a cinema. He also likes Céline Dion.


Benjamin Magot is a prop-maker and visual artist who can see into the future.


Gor Geozalyan is a camera and post-production intern currently studying at EICAR in Paris. He has recently acted as a robot soldier and a delivery boy in the upcoming feature film META and he also makes music videos and other things.


Yann “the face” Latronche is a landscape architect, photographer, kick-boxer and Parisian Bruce Willis impersonator.